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Welcome to Rocky Sucks!
Thanks for visiting Rock Sucks! Here is the place for the minions of Rocky haters to congregate, discuss, and reek havoc. Be afraid Rocky marks! Be very afraid! Bwahahahaha!
Pic of the Some Sort of Time Period
Thanks Twig (for the idea) and Jenni W. (for the graphic) you're both goddesses. *bg*

Come discuss just why Rocky Sucks!

5-24-01 Added a banner that doesn't support Rocky's spastic eyebrow from Twig's page. :)
4-22-01 Added a link to an article on Wrestlecrap in the "Why Rocky Sucks..." section.
4-01-01 Added some more stuff from Rocky Haters.
3-26-01 I added a banner campaign to spread the word.
3-25-01 I created the site and all Rocky marks cowered in fear.


You are Rocky Hater # 14379 to visit this site since March 25, 2001.

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